Street Team

Street team members promote the books of Samantha Bohrman (me) while having fun. So far we define fun as chatting and taking BuzzFeed quizzes. One member (I’m looking at you, Kasey!) took the same quiz three times yesterday, which by the way, negates the quiz’s results. I don’t think a “manic pixie dream girl” would obsessively take quizzes. Maybe one of the scientists behind BuzzFeed can clear that up for me someday. Anyway, members will receive advance reader copies of my books. There will also be contests and prizes (small prizes, unless you promote me to a new income bracket). I would love for you to join. We are bound together by our awesomeness. (You can quote me on that.) We’re all awesome chicks and we love reading chick lit, and probably some other stuff. I don’t turn away thriller fans or anything.

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