Regularly Scheduled Existential Despair

Last month I promised to start posting once a month. I’m already behind schedule, mostly because I’ve been delayed by my biannual identity crisis. September brought cooler weather and the unshakable compulsion to rethink all my life choices. What’s the point blogging mid-existential crisis? Is there a God? Should I blog? Maybe I should have. I can live-tweet it next time. At least my identity crisis made sense this time. I mean, I just sent the girls back to school. I sort of felt like someone has been banging pots and pans with wooden spoons right next to my head for three months (my kids are loud). [...]
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Book News!!

So I haven’t posted since October. That is a looooong time. If anyone out there is still reading my blog, greetings and salutations! Actually, I know a few people are still visiting the site, emphasis on visiting. I like to take the time to read and enjoy my spam comments now and then. (Hope you appreciate that, spammers!) A guy by the name of Nike Air (or maybe it was Movie Forum) said, “I am visiting this web site dailly and obtain fastidious data from here all the time.” I love that he claimed to be visiting daily, despite the fact that I haven’t posted new content in about nine [...]
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The Cable Guy So Gets Me

That’s the statement of a housebound woman. But, moving onto my story… The cable internet guy arrived as we were about to leave this morning. He first came into the  living room, which was an explosion of child paraphernalia and children using furniture like a jungle gym. It was like that scene from Home Alone when twelve people are trying to leave for Paris, except I just had to drop two kids off at school. I think it’s worth mentioning that the guy had already waited on the stoop with my compost bin, which is currently filled with coffee grounds, a pumpkin, and five gallons of rain water; a.k.a., [...]
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Uno: A Game of World Domination

Last Sunday morning I woke up and played Tic Tac Toe and Uno with my six year old while drinking coffee. Even at the time I knew it was one of those moments I’d look back on fondly as the years wear on. At the same time, I gained a deeper appreciation for people living in deeply flawed political systems, the kind of places where you have no voice or chance of financial success or freedom, the kind of place where you only make strides because the government decides not to extinguish your tiny flame of hope (yet). This is basically what it’s like playing Uno with Daphne. Her Uno cheating is flagrant [...]
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Entangled Blog Hop!

Happy Halloween!! I’m so glad you stopped by my website!! If you haven’t been here before, my name is Samantha Bohrman and I write for Entangled. My first book, Ruby’s Misadventures with Reality, is about a modern day Dorothy juggling her career, too many hot guys at once, and an unexpected mystery. I figured I might post some Halloween-y stuff for this post, so I decided to look for Dorothy costumes online. I thought the people below had clever ones. I didn’t notice right off that they were missing their pants, etc. Pants or no, they’re pretty impressive costumes. Personally, I’d feel reluctant [...]
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