About Samantha

The Snapshot: 

Shortly after graduating from law school, I had three children and began writing novels. I have never looked back, though I suspect my husband has. When I’m not writing you can probably find me at Target forgetting to buy broccoli and shopping for scarves I don’t need. If it’s a good day, I’ll be clutching a latte and wearing clean clothes. If it’s not, try not to stare. 

Photo on 2014-03-10 at 16.55 #6

Here I am drinking coffee and standing in my kitchen. Don’t be fooled by my literary appearance. I mostly write smut. Just kidding. I hardly write any smut. Let’s just say, though, I’m not going to be winning the National Book Award anytime soon. I might win a best cover contest, though, depending on which guy from Stockphoto ends up on my book.

More than You Ever Wanted to Know and FAQ: 

Birth weight; 8 pounds ish. I could ask my mom the exact number. She is visiting and sitting right next to me, but she is busy watching TV and I don’t want to bother her.

My brother’s birth weight: 6 pounds ish. I like to beat him in all things. His name is Colin. I’d link to his website, but he doesn’t have one.

Highest level of swimming achieved at the YMCA: Guppies

Number of higher education degrees: 2 and 7/8.*

First job: File deactivator. I worked for my dad. I “deactivated” the files of deceased patients. No worries, though. He’s a very good neurologist.

Other jobs (in order): organic chemistry researcher, Avon lady, shoe sales person, environmental lawyer. Feel free to ask me any career questions. I’d be happy to talk you into almost anything.

Favorite action hero: Willis, Bruce (pictured below).


Most impressive Die Hard-themed baked goods I’ve ever made:


Favorite books, movies, and stuff: Bridget Jones Diary, Clueless, Emma, Arrested Development, FletchConfederacy of Dunces, everything I read as a kid.

Did you always want to write? No. I wanted to go to medical school or something else important and practical. I started writing for real while I was supposed to be studying for the Minnesota State Bar Exam. I had fifty pages of my first book by the time I took the test.

*I would have had 3, but I failed to footnote my master’s thesis. Luckily, romance publishers discourage heavy footnoting. Clearly, I’ve chosen the right career.