Release Day and Free Story!

My book’s out today!!! Go buy yourself a copy and pretend that summer isn’t over. It costs less than a flavored latte and is non-fattening and sugar free. It’s also less than a burger or maybe even a very large, out-of-season apple at Whole Foods. Although now that Amazon owns the place who knows. Isn’t it weird to think that you can buy my book and an apple from the same corporate entity?

I’m relieved to say that early reviews are good!

D.M. on Goodreads said: “Absolutely loved this book! It had everything I like rolled into one beautiful little parcel. Breaking the Rules of Revenge is definitely going on my favourite shelf.”

Carla on Goodreads said: “Let me start this review by saying, I freaking loved this book! It is like the Parent Trap for teenagers.”

On the other end of the spectrum, someone named Ginny gave it two stars and said, “This irked me for realz.” At least I didn’t bore her! She actually wrote three or four paragraphs explaining why she hated the book, nothing I was really worried about, but stuff that bothered Ginny. It’s weird putting a book out into the world. For an author, it feels like “Walk through the streets naked” Day. Ginny didn’t point out any back-of-the-thigh cellulite that I was trying to hide, though, so I’m cool.

At any rate, I’m pretty sure that D.M. and Carla are brilliant people! No matter who they are, they are making “Walk through the streets naked” Day so much more bearable. For that, I am grateful.

If you want to buy BREAKING THE RULES OF REVENGE (and I hope you do!), here are some links:

AMAZON      B&N        KOBO     GOOGLE PLAY 

Last but not least, I wrote a free story. It’s a prelude to Mallory and Ben’s romance and I don’t think it turned out half bad! I cut off the title in the picture, but it’s called Bittersweet Sixteen. I put it up on Instafreebie.


Here’s the story description: As usual, Mallory’s twin sister Blake knows exactly what Mallory doesn’t want for her birthday. This time it’s a wild and crazy, booze-fueled, no-parents-to-be-seen sixteenth birthday party. Before Mallory can flee the scene of crime, AKA party, she runs into her yearlong crush, Justin, the hot timpani player. (The entire French horn section has been crushing on him much to the detriment of the band’s overall sound.) She throws all of her fears to the wind for the chance to play spin the bottle with swoon-worthy Justin. After all, he’s been gazing at the horn section all year and she’s pretty sure he likes one of them. With only five players, that means that there is a one in five chance that she is the horn-playing vixen who has captured his heart.

I hope you all have a great Monday!

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