I’m Back, Bitches!

My swoony, teen summer camp romance is coming your way!! It’s a little bit Wet Hot American Summer, except without all of the gross parts (because my editor made me take them out) and with a lot more romance (because my editor had me add that part in). It took me a couple of drafts to figure out that a romance can’t have that many poop jokes (current draft has zero) and the heroine should not wear Billy Bob teeth during important turning points in the story. I’m slow that way. Everyone say a prayer that I got it right in the end. I really hope I did. Please Lord, I hope I’m not an idiot.


(In the above photo I’m working on copy edits in front of the camp fire. My father-in-law probably thinks I’m nuts or a workaholic. I don’t think I am, but that’s just me.)

The timing is a little weird. I mean, 9/11 for a release date is slightly awkward. Supposedly, September sales are good, but still… I will probably have to postpone celebration until the 12th. Really, every day is a disaster, though. There’s never a good day to promote a book if you pay attention to what’s happening in the world. Sept 11th is my book’s birthday, poor thing.

After that, I have a adult romcom coming your way. I’m guessing sometime this spring. I’ll keep you updated.

Besides that, I’m working with a different publisher on a wild and quirky sci-fi. There will be a romantic subplot, but this book is a departure from my Entangled books. Hopefully, I can announce a deal soon. Once again, not holding my breath. Publishing is a dog eat dog industry, not that I really understand that phrase. I say it sometimes, but what does it even mean? The first page of Google results are nothing but articles about a 2016 Nicholas Cage film called Dog Eat Dog. There you go–life is nothing but a late-career Nicholas Cage film, which means my deal has a snowball’s chance, just to throw in another metaphor. Say another prayer, though. I think this book would be really good. I love the concept.


(Above photo: Selfie with toad, taken by eight-year-old.)

Besides books, life is normal. It’s a typical wild summer. I’ve been so busy with the kids that I can barely tell which end is up. We’ve been visiting relatives and catching toads pretty much nonstop. There are currently three toads living in the kids’ bedroom. I’m a little scared for them, but they seem fairly satisfied in an old fish tank eating ants so far. When I think about it, my book release nerves are nothing compared to what those poor toads must be thinking. Those poor things are fighting for their lives in a ten-gallon tank. Or maybe they’re fine? The kids contend they are.

Maybe we’re all fine? We’re all just fighting for our lives in a ten-gallon tank of our own making when it comes down to it.

With that, I leave you until next time.

Love, peace, and toads to all!

P.s.: I’ll include more information about the summer camp book in my next blog post.

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  • Reply Mimi said 8 months ago

    My favorite part is that we’re all fighting for our lives in a 10 gallon fish tank. This feels right to me though some people (and pets) probably need a bigger tank due to the obesity epidemic.

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